welcome to my corner of the bookshelf.

welcome to my corner of the bookshelf…

Hey, thanks for coming over.

So, where did my writing journey begin? You’ll never guess it was an Australian rock god and a kangaroo called Ted…confused ? Let me explain.

Growing up in England, at eighteen, I craved adventure. More to the point, I hated my first job in a bank and so decided to escape the rain for a year or so…

In 1991, I arrived in Melbourne on a hot and sticky January morning. Determined to have fun and do two things—meet the Aussie music legend, Michael Hutchence and get a suntan.

My backpacking jobs varied from the monotonous to the ridiculous. After failing miserably at assembling mops in Adelaide and punting show-bags on a fairground in Sydney, I headed north to Queensland. There, in Bundaberg, I discovered I’m allergic to tomatoes and cane toads. So, I figured heading bush, blagging a jillaroo gig on a sheep station near Longreach was the way to go…little did I know what hard work really was until then.

Exhausted, with only a big black sky and silence at night (there was no T.V signal) I turned to my diary, and I wrote…

Thirty years later, Australia is my forever home. I’m married and mum to Lily (who is way more savvy than I could ever hope to be). 

I write something everyday, but now it’s more women’s fiction or domestic drama with shards of dark humour, and the occasional big girl’s undies chick-lit story.

BTW. I passed on the suntan ( it’s a Brit thing) and I did stalk and find Michael Hutchence….but that’s a story for another time.