Smiley Face
Smiley Face (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

‘Do you think it would be a good idea to move yourself to another checkout ?’ I asked tentatively, not wanting to state the obvious. I waited for the girls response.

She looked me up and down several times; deciding no doubt ,how much she hated me. She took a swig on her water “ But I always work from this one, in the mornings “ she replied, wiping her mouth and simultaneously pushing down the toggle lid of her water bottle.

Was this a statement or a trick question I wondered ? Did it really matter if she moved from number 7 to number 8 checkout ?. Was there some sort of pecking order in the supermarket employee rule book system that denoted she had to stay put ? This I might add, despite the conveyabelt, clearly not doing what a conveyabelt should do ….. and therefore my huge box of nappies, three bottles of diet tonic water and a carton of grapefruit juice being heaved up the rubber mat by my spare hand .The other hand I will point out was defending the OK magazine, Lily, my toddler, had craftily stretched over and grabbed and was now so close to eating Posh Spices ear ( obviously a photo on the cover – not the real Posh spice )

See now how I am treating you ? One idiot experience of the day and I am assuming the world has the common sense gene removed.

Anyway, I saved Posh and turned to the girl and made what I hoped was a sympathetic look at her obvious dilemma. Not to mention, (if she did choose to move), the hassle of picking up her water bottle and walk, the two metres to the next booth . Without confirming either way she handed me a green sign with ‘checkout closed’ and a smiley face stamped onto it , and then she sighed loudly and deeply. “Guess I’ll move then”

and that was that.

Anyone else had one of those moments ?