‘Round and round the merry go round

Can’t you go any faster?

Why? You bored? Jump off then.

BAAM! Another disaster….

On the eve of her 30th year, moving back in with her parents was not on Amy Browne’s life ‘to do’ list.

Less than 24hours in the same house and already, her mothers sniper bullet tongue is loaded and aimed directly at Amys head – as the rest of the family take cover under the lunch table waiting for Armageddon.

Amy is exhausted. The revolving door of failed relationships, rubbish jobs, and the annoying tick tock that everyone else is having a fabulous life without her in it, she decides enough is enough. A week in the sunshine is the space she needs to escape and figure out – what next?

As she suns herself in Paradise, her life lists are getting longer by the minute, the Jack Daniels is running low and a curious conversation with a gorgeous man leaves her flattered, but confused.

She is determined to get her life on track, but, as the tan fades, and her life list disappears into the abyss of her handbag, the reality of making the changes is not as straightforward as she hoped.

As the road blocks keep coming – will she keep diverting or finally stop to confront the red flags shoved in her face?

How far will this go? Will Amy figure it out for herself, before the inevitable collision that will smash her world to pieces and change everything?