‘Tom has lost 20 kilos in four months!’ My husband announced last night after News Years Eve phone call to his best buddy overseas.cross nyr‘Really?’ I said, skeptical. Tom is a fat bloke who quite honestly I have no hope for; destined never to see his feet or anything much past his man boobs ever again. To prove his point my husband shoves his phone in my face and I catch a glimpse of the new and improved slim Tom in a snapshot, tanned and healthy. I was wrong; Tom is looking at his feet and everything else in between. Tom looks fantastic.

‘How did he lose it?’ I ask, impressed.

‘He cut out dairy and white carbs – and eats only brown rice, vegetable and fish and………..”At this point I shut off. I know what’s coming next. Everything I have ever said before and tried to ignite in a change of diet for the family (and been ignored) is about to be verbal poo’d back to me. ‘’…………So I am starting Toms diet next week’ He finishes.

‘What’s wrong with starting your diet today?’ I ask.

‘We have to eat all the food in the fridge and freezer first – I’m not wasting it!’

He has a point. ‘ OK, well you can start your exercise today can’t you ?. Why don’t you take the baby for a walk and go feed the ducks?’. I suggest as I throw him a bread bag with a couple of crusts.

Less than 10 minutes and they are back.

‘That was quick!’ I say, thinking I had dropped into a black hole portal – ‘did you stop and feed the ducks?’ I eye my husband. He is wheezing and has droplets of sweat beaded onto his hairline.

‘Not likely! – I just threw it in and kept walking – too bloody hot out there for exercise!’ Says he and slumps onto the sofa. ‘We’ll have to ease into this gradually you know, no sense in wearing ourselves out. We’ll give up before the end of January at this rate!’

The word we’ said twice is enough to choke me. Damn Tom and his 20 kilos. I will keep you posted on how this goes ………..res yellow

Have you been dragged into someone else’s New Year Resolution?