I am stagnant. I am my own spearmint chewing gum stuck fast on my own shoe and its disgusting super -duper sticky stuff.dark spaceI am standing in the middle of a huge empty space, and I desperately want to get out, and more to the point get on with my life: writing, working, having fun – any of it will do.

What’s happened? Everything and nothing is my answer. I had a plan, but, the fate bomb squad blew it up. So, I am left in the debris of nothingness unsure of the next step, and if I was honest a little bit scared to give something a go. I am on constant clock watch of time itself, and that is not a good place to be at.

The sick thing is, I know what I need to do – something, anything will suffice, a tiny step, in any direction, to get the damn stuff at least unstuck.

My head space is glued to itself and I hate myself for it – I really do. I am so great at telling everyone else what to do, how to do it, always positive and determined in every way – so what’s going on in my own head? Gosh I wish I had the answer right now……

Is anyone else here with me right now? Anyone got any answers, help , advice, when the road is seemingly blocked with your own doubt ? For once, seriously, I just don’t know…..