liebster-awardSo this week, I am nominated for the Liebster Blog award by the lovely In itself, another squishy warm and fuzzy nod from my peers that I am doing OK with this blogging lark.So thank you. But it’s left me feeling a little side whacked; a hard shove in my back as I stumble forward. To finish me off, a little ouch flick behind my ears. A timely reminder; I can do better.

This world of blogging is a life valve for many of us. A connection with like-minded, we are a stash of untapped creative talent and a collective of everyday people who love to share their passion of written word expression. We do not get paid (well most of us), or have the luxury of it being a validated necessity for others. It’s not on the list of the tick tock guilt free passes.  No, it’s squeezed awkwardly, somewhere between cleaning the loo and food shopping. A live diary and an outlet to breathe out onto our blogs that which we sometimes, in real-time, hold in. The freedom to write, articulate our fears, our opinions, our joy and our journey is unfortunately for many of us, way down on the list – and that long listsucks. It really does.

So let me get to the point, before you run out of time or concentration to read all of this down (its OK, I do it too) and that really is my point.

We all want our blogs validated by our peers. We all have our reasons as to why too.  I sometimes feel a little huffy when I drop in on a blog, where the average’ likes’ roll into the hundreds, and I shuffle along with maybe double figures on a good week. I compare what I have to say with theirs – are they writing it better? Is what they have to say more interesting, relevant, humorous? Surely it cannot be just the tagging and the slog ship of regular posting? Is it?

No of course not. I found out this week exactly what it was and I feel like a complete idiot for not seeing it before…..

My nomination came from a beautiful blogger, of whom I am now (finally) taking the time to read their blog and find out who they are. You see they nominated me, and I had no idea about them. I am a selfish cow sometimes and I took my ‘likes’ off her, without thinking twice about it. Then she nominated me for the award. I nearly died, for fear of retribution from the WordPress Police, that until that point, I ignored her request to take a look at what she was up to. So obviously, I immediately jumped onto her blog, and sucked in her words. I sheepishly found a brilliant, honest and a talented writer. How on earth did I miss that one?

I am not saying, you have to follow everyone who likes, or follows you. Lets be honest, there are some fruitcakes out of there. Plus I have some quality, regular reads, that I connect with regularly and really enjoy. But, I found myself shutting off from new reads; I thought my cup was full. I was wrong. I have missed some wonderful blogs, through my inability to take the time, to check out my new ‘likes’ blogs. My time poor excuses are over. To make this blog work, and work well, it has to be a two-way street. So, I cannot nominate for my Liebster award just yet, as I only have half of the numbers to nominate. The rest is coming later.-when I find them. So starting from today, well earlier this week actually, I have already added a couple of new blogs to my reader that are just so refreshing and lively. So drop by, if you made it to the end of this post, comment if you will, and I promise to find you too.