change aheadNothing changes if nothing changes someone told me matter of fact. She is right of course-a statement of truth if ever I heard it. But when do you know if it’s the right time to change the path you are on? Do you simply move your own posts wider just when it kicks into the too hard goal net? Or is this a tricky test of will on when not to give up?
Do we ignore the problem or do we change direction simply because it gets too hard? What if we are on the right path – but the destination is in fact the journey and all that is required is the stamina to get to the top of the mountain?
I believe there is a point of no return. I don’t want to stop trying either. Perhaps when the little voice in your head turns into a scream its time to re- evaluate and look at the options. I suspect if we just open our eyes the change required is staring us in the face. Keep going: run or walk however you need to get there.But just keep going!gate open