I love a good bath.I don’t mind what time of day.

I like stepping into it empty. It’s only cold and awkward for a few minutes.

I ignore it by concentrating on the hot tap gushing as my thighs submerge- high tide on the sand banks.

I love hamburgers wrapped in foil.

Take me back to a cold Sunday night and the old American trailer on the hill.

Leather jackets and the fizz of oil on a flat grill.

I love books.

I mean a real book – you know the paper kind.

I love to feel what I want to read.

I do not download.

I do not upload.

I simply flick open – read and unload.

I love Jack Daniels.

My good friend for twenty years- I do not see her often.

She is my treat.

When we do, yesterday is here again.

I do not reminisce.

I do wonder at how far gone I am from the place that was me-  the girl with the curly hair.

I am older.

I am wiser.

I still do not have a clue what comes next.