My Facebook got hacked. It happens. I just did not think for one minute I was interesting enough for it to happen to me. The sick thing is my name or link to my account if you will was somehow added to various in box messages. Horrid and foul messages with putrid language reserved for well never …not even to a real estate property manager. Sorry to bag you all collectively, but in essence that’s how bad it was.

One of the messages was to my husbands friend (who, for the record has not met me and to be fair has no idea what sort of person I am) He must have automatically assumed my husband was married to a complete psycho bitch from the depths of the red centre coupled with a personality disorder. They probably thought he was chained to a brick wall under the house and whipped with a dead rabbit for my pleasure. I just know they believed it.

This in turn really pissed me off. Anyone with half a brain or more to the point knows me well enough, would laugh it off instantly as a hack job. DELETE DELETE. Without exception……or would they? Is there a glimmer of doubt left that I am a nutcase who spends her free time skimming Facebook as a hater?

We all think everyone is watching someone else. Who cares about where you are on holiday, what you are wearing or the fact your house will be empty tonight as you are at the movies? It’s all in the detail that adds up to who you are and (probably most of the time) where you are, what you are doing and how you are doing it. It was easy for a hacker to get into my account. I am a no-one just like you. But as it turns out that day I am also the someone else – just like you too.

Anyone else been through this ?