Being fabulous , staying sane it and lets face it; just getting on with it – to all the working parents out there.

Paula Mills - Writer

The time has come people. I have run out of excuses and, to be honest cash. Zilch, zero, it’s all gone, every last $$$ of my 20 year savings obliterated. The life clock has ticked past high and lowsthe deadline of Stay at Home Mum; and here I am.  I have to get back into a paid job – NOW, and to be brutally honest, I am absolutely, mind blaringly terrified of holding it all together. I am not talking stealth, stiletto, and power suit career here.No, I just mean your bog standard, 9 to 5 slog. Millions of parents do it. They have to. We all do. I get that.

But how do you do it ? How can you split an already split share of your life pie and still feel funny mom cryingthat everyone has had enough  to satisfy ? I scare myself as I curtain twitch some mornings, coffee in hand, and…

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