shopping cartI trolley bashed another mum of a Miss 2 year old today. Not my fault naturally  Lily, my crazy toddler dive bombed the floor display of the Super strong loo paper and I simultaneously cranked on my heels and U turned to the carnage. Too late, the sky-high display did a slow motion domino free fall. All I can say is thank goodness my wheeling target was a Mummy. I got my free pass as she masterly swerved the falling paper-rolled debris and somehow avoided another display of half priced something or other. But here is the thing; rather than scorn my lack of parental supervision or give me the eye up, eye down tut-tut, instead without a word, she bent down and started to retrieve and re-stack the packets with me. We did not speak. I don’t think either of us wanted to. We simply exchanged the familiar exhausted smile and got on with fixing the problem. You know the look? It’s that one that comes with the exact knowing of that moment. She feels for you. She understands. She is you on a different day.

So, here for the love of sharing is my tip of the week :

There is something alien in their mouth !
Lego, marbles, twigs, or your make up brush. It’s not food – but it sure does taste good.
Here’s the thing, babies pick up and chew on stuff because they don’t know any better. Toddlers do it to test your extraction ability

If you try to remove it the old-fashioned one thumb and a finger in the mouth way, two things are likely to happen. One, you will get bitten or the other they will choke on the alien and off to hospital you go.

I now use the barter system. Pretend you don’t care (that’s hard but go with this) and then offer something else. As long as whatever the swap is it has to be bigger than their mouth hole or better still, it’s yummy and they can actually eat it without choking or poisoning themselves.

Do you have a great tip to share ?