Its 5.35am. Miss 2 is still asleep ( yay me time !) and as I contemplate my strategic final move on candy crush level 68; I know I should be doing imagesomething else more constructive . I am thinking way too hard as I slide the blue candy over, from the other side of the grid in some vain attempt ( and hope) that miraculously the candy crushes. I hold my nano second breath for swimming fishes to wave across my screen. imageInstead the little pixie thing with the broken heart tells me YOU HAVE FAILED.
Do you think I don’t KNOW that you ridiculous game ? Huffing, I flip shut the I pad and contemplate the silence.
I have options.Three loads of washing for example. But I can do that in Miss 2s waking hours….waste of my precious ME time.

I could be writing.
I could be washing my hair.
I could be reading a book.
I could sit on the deck with a coffee and have some quiet time with the morning chorus as my encore.
I could be writing a blog post…
I could be editing
I could be working at my desk….

Instead I flip open my IPAD and press the Facebook icon. Just a few minutes. Then I will go and……

I hear the pat pat of munchkin feet in the hallway.
SHIT. I just wanted a few minutes to myself to get all my jobs done, it’s not fair. WHEN am I ever going to get TIME for ME !!!
I check out the clock.
It’s 7.26am
…….how did that happen ?