I can hardly believe it’s been nearly 6 months since our sea change from  City to Coast and on top of that 8 years since we packed up and left the UK for OZ.image

Its taken that long to figure out what we want out of life, you know the everyday day stuff. The bit in between the big stuff that is the core of who we are. The bit we often forget because we are too busy worrying about everything else……So here we are -.after a sandy bucket load of soul-searching, we are here. Life on the Sunshine Coast.

Things I have learnt so far…..
No-one works a full week.
Excess Sand in the car, bed, clothes – is normal.
Rush hour is more than 3 cars at the traffic lights.
Gridlock is more than 3 cars but less than 6.
Wildlife in your house is acceptable.
Lots of trees means lots of leaves.
Allow 2 hours for shopping- 10 minutes for the shopping and 1 hr 50 to catch up with Elsa on checkout.
Life’s a beach……..