Paula Mills - Writer

On Monday I decided to gently ease myself into a ‘cleansing life basket’ week. By Thursday, I am exhausted as my gentle cleansing morphed into murdering and extremist exterminating.

The house is immaculate – but still there is that irritating irk of unfinished business. For distraction I jump onto Face book to have a nose at what everyone else was up to.

The news feed rolls on –dreary pages of crap I have no interest in , I scroll, desperate to find something, someone – I wanted to read and ‘like’ let alone comment on. Nothing. It felt like the remote control stuck on some Z list TV channel. Why was that?

Bored I stopped on JO’s post. Ok, Jo is smiling at me and in her arms is an angry looking black cat. She tells me it’s her new cat. Jack. Jack the cat. Jo has a new…

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